Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you need? Check out our knowledgebase for a list of comprehensive tutorials. Still can't find the answer you need? Please contact us or submit a ticket to our support department and we will be happy to help!

Doing Business With Sunpath

netVaz LLC dba Sunpath Servers has been in the hosting business since 2005. In addition to dedicated servers, we offer cloud hosting, Business Hosting, web development and security products. We are a privately owned part-time company operating out of New York City. We work with established business owners and anyone who wants to start a business online.
We accept PayPal payments including credit card payments through PayPal. PayPal payments can also be setup for automatic payment by using the "Subscribe" feature. On your next invoice choose "PayPal" and click the "Subscribe" button. This will create a PayPal subscription that will be submitted on the same date every month.
In addition to shared, cloud and dedicated hosting, we offer a full range of domain name services such as registrations, tranfers, renewals, dns, domain lock/unlock, domain name privacy and host record maintenance; we offer web development/design and light graphic design; SSL certificates and professional server management at wholesale prices.
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our shared and reseller hosting plans only. If you are not happy within the first 30 days, simply let us know you'd like a refund. Additionally, we have no contracts so if you paid for an annual hosting plan and after 30 days you discover you are not happy, you can still cancel and receive a refund for the unused portion of your plan.
The easiest and fastest way to get support is to submit a support ticket. We normally answer the ticket within 12 to 24 hrs. We also provide support by email or chat and occasionally by phone. We highly recommend that you review our faq's for answers to common questions and/or consult our knowledgebase which includes a comprehensive library of tutorials.

Pre-Sales Questions

A dedicated server is a bare metal server that is used exclusively by you and not shared with anyone else. A dedicated server offers greater flexibility and security over traditional Business Hosting or VPS solutions because of isolation. The server hardware is maintained by technicians at Sunpath's partner data centers in New York, Miami and Bangkok.
On a Virtual Private Server (VPS), or Virtual Machine (VM), you are allotted cloud network resources that are not shared by everyone. CPU and RAM are shared across all accounts on the machine, but at the same time portions of those resources are always dedicated to each account. This allows for more power and flexibility than being on a shared account.
In Business Hosting, all accounts must share the available resources with all the other accounts on the server. These include CPU, RAM, and disk space. At Sunpath we never overload our servers and use a Varnish Cache/CloudFlare CDN approach. This results in a significant reduction in server load while handling an unlimited number of simultaneous visitors.
Varnish Cache is a powerful open source HTTP engine/reverse HTTP proxy that can speed up a website by up to 1000 percent. Varnish Cache visits your server once to cache the page, then all future requests for the same page will be served by Varnish Cache. This means lightning-fast content delivery and fewer backend server resource requirements.
CloudFlare's Content Delivery Network (CDN) distributes your content around the world so it’s closer to your visitors (speeding up your site). Additionally, it protects your website from a range of online threats such as spammers, SQL injection and DDOS. Web pages with ad servers and third party widgets load snappy on both mobile and computers.

Domain Names

You can order a domain transfer on our website. Domains are renewed for one year when they are transferred to a new domain registrar. Other than the one year renewal cost (free with annual hosting), Sunpath does not charge a fee for a domain registration transfer. Please read this article to learn how to prepare your domain for transfer.
Sunpath is affiliated with the eNom registrar. A domain transfer normally takes between one and five days to complete. Occasionally, depending on the other registrar's policies, the amount of coordination required for approval of the transfer can delay the process a little bit longer than five days. However, this will not delay setting up your hosting account.
WHOIS databases will provide you with the current registration information for a domain. Your registrant information will also be displayed unless WhoIs privacy is enabled. Certain domains will show your Registrant’s information as well if the domain is registered to a certain type of organization, such as a corporation.
An EPP Authorization Key or Code is a secret code obtainable from a domain registrar used to transfer a domain. This code is used to protect a domain from being transferred against its owner’s will. The EPP authorization key can only be obtained by the person listed on the domain registration as its administrative contact.
A Registrar Lock is a safety mechanism provided by most domain name registration service providers which prevents a domain from being accidentally transferred, deleted, or from having its contact information changed. In order to initiate a domain transfer to Sunpath, the domain must have its Registrar Lock disabled.

eCommerce Web Hosting

Yes, we allow it on all of our hosting plans. Not only do we allow it, we actually encourage the use of your account for eCommerce, since in our experience this results in a better relationship with our clients. We support a variety of shopping carts including OpenCart, WooCommerce for WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, CS-Cart and more.
Yes we do! We offer web hosting and dedicated servers in the USA and Thailand and cloud VPS hosting at data centers around the world. We have customers from many countries who prefer eCommerce hosting service closer to their market target. We recommend a cloud VPS plan if you have special preferences in terms of data center location.
Yes, we support WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and much more. All accounts have direct access to Softaculous Premium, a one-click installer with over 390 programs to choose from. This service is included with all Business Hosting accouns at no extra charge. If you prefer, we can install your favorite software program in your account to save you time. Just let us know!
We fully adhere to the comprehensive requirements of the PCI Security Standard. Many merchant account providers require this compliance. Our servers are regularly scanned by external organizations focusing on security scanning and assessment of PCI compliance. To see more information about PCI compliance click here!
Hosting of adult content (pornographic material) is not allowed on our severs and doing so is a violation of our UAP. Additionally our servers are not equipped with FFmpeg for live video/audio streaming. If you need to stream video/audio for other purposes, we recommend a Cloud VPS optimized for that type of service and we can certainly help set it up for you.

Web Hosting Feature Questions

Sunpath does not offer "unlimited" disk space or bandwidth as many hosting providers advertise. Our server space and bandwidth are allocated in fixed amouns so that our servers are never overloaded and our customers get exactly what they pay for. Sometimes we offer an unmetered feature, however it will always be bound to the plan's allocated resources.
Our FTP supports SSL, which is essentially FTP over SSL (not SFTP). It uses port 21, but it is a secure connection. FTP Clients such as FileZilla support this. In FileZilla, you must choose “FTP over ssl (explicit)” in the site settings to enable this. We strongly recommend setting up your FTP connection to use FTPES in the FileZilla Connection Manager.
No. Unfortunately, we do not provide Anonymous FTP for security reasons. In many cases Anonymous FTP attracts illegal activity. Illegal activity within your account is a direct violation of our Acceptable Use Policy (UAP).
Some clients are technically proficient and prefer the SSH(SSH2) protocol over FTP. SSH allows them to issue commands directly to the Linux shell. By default, SSH access is not set up for Sunpath accounts. If you would like to be able to connect by SSH to your Sunpath account, please send an email to our support staff and we will consider it on case by case basis.
We support MySQL. Additionally, with phpMyAdmin you can easily administer your MySQL databases via a web browser. phpoMyAdmin can perform various tasks such as create, modify or delete databases, tables, fields or rows; execute SQL statements and manage users and permissions. One-click MySQL database backups are possible through your cPanel.

Web Hosting Feature Questions (Continued)

If you transfer your domain to our network when you order an annual hosting plan you will automatically receive a free annual renewal. Or register a new domain for free when you order any annual hosting plan. Monthly plans do no qualify for the free domain promotion. At Sunpath you can manage your domain DNS, lock settings, contact info and privacy settings.
Our web hosting is equipped with cPanel which is integrated to your hosting account control panel. This combination offers a powerful platform that allows you to control an extensive array of hosting features and other aspects of your account, including billing and support requests as well as third-party addons such as Softaculous and CloudFlare CDN.
We offer secure POP/IMAP support, RoundCube Webmail and E-Mail security features such as MailScanner, ClamAV and ExploitScanner. MailScanner scans email for viruses, spam, phishing, malware, and other attacks against security vulnerabilities and plays a major part in the security of our network. Additionally, we offer free E-Mail client configuration support.
You can add a customized Google search engine to your site. It can be customized to display your own logo and colors, and to return customized search results. Google offers a paid version, a free ad-supported version, and a free ad-free version for non-profits. To see samples, read documentation, and to setup a search engine, see Google’s CSE page.
The easiest and fastest way to get support is to submit a support ticket. We normally answer the ticket within 12 to 24 hrs. We also provide support by email or chat and occasionally by phone. We highly recommend that you review our faq's for answers to common questions and/or consult our knowledgebase which includes a comprehensive library of tutorials.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Yes, instances in a stopped state continue to reserve dedicated system resources (RAM, SSD storage, IP aliases, CPU) and therefore incur charges until you destroy the instance. If you wish to no longer accumulate charges for a virtual machine, please use the DESTROY button in the customer portal.
All virtual machines on your account are billed hourly up to the monthly rate cap. The hourly rate is determined by dividing the monthly rate by 672 hours (28 days). If your machine is online for more than 672 hours in a calendar month, you will only be billed the monthly rate. Accumulated charges are invoiced to your account on the 1st of every month.
Your bandwidth usage is based on the highest of either your inbound traffic or your outbound traffic. For example, if your VPS uses 100 GB of incoming bandwidth and 200 GB outgoing bandwidth, your utilization for billing purposes would be 200 GB.
Bandwidth utilization in excess of instance allocation is charged at $0.02 per GB in North American and Western European locations. Due to higher regional costs, Tokyo (Japan) overage is priced at $0.05 per GB and Sydney (Australia) overage is priced at $0.10 per GB.
If your plan has 1000GB allocated to it, the amount of transfer per hour for overage calculations is 1000 / 672 = 1.48GB/hour. Your pending charges will reflect the overage calculated by this formula. Note: In some cases it may be less expensive to leave your instance running than to destroy it and be assessed overage charges.

Cloud VPS Hosting (Continued)

CentOS 6 x64, CentOS 6 i386, CentOS 5 x64, CentOS 5 i386, CentOS 7 x64, Ubuntu 12.04 x64, Ubuntu 12.04 i386, Ubuntu 14.04 x64, Ubuntu 14.04 i386, Ubuntu 15.10 x64, Ubuntu 15.10 i386, Ubuntu 16.04 x64, Ubuntu 16.04 i386, Debian 7 x64 (wheezy), Debian 7 i386 (wheezy), Debian 8 x64 (jessie), Debian 8 i386 (jessie), FreeBSD 10 x64, CoreOS Stable.
Yes, we allow custom reverse DNS entries for your virtual machine IPs. You can update reverse dns information directly from your customer portal.
In some instances, outbound traffic to the SMTP port may be blocked for new accounts. If you encounter this restriction, contact our support team from the customer portal.
Subscribers may create snapshots of any active instance at any time. We understand the importance of creating backups of all critical files/content/configurations and encourage all Sunpath subscribers to maintain current backups as part of organizational business continuity planning and execution. We also offer daily automated backups.
IPv6 support is available in the following locations: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney. Each virtual machine is issued its own /64.

Dedicated Servers

We currently accept PayPal and any credit card payment processed through PayPal. Personal checks, company checks, direct bank deposits, and any other form of payment are not accepted at this time. If paying with a PayPal account, we require that the account is Verified. Please contact PayPal for more information on achieving the "Verified" status.
Login to the Dedicated Panel with the credentials that were provided in your welcome e-mail. On the left hand menu, under "Manage Servers", click the server you would like to access. Scroll down to the "OS and Login Credentials" section of the page, this is the user name and password that you will use to access the server. Scroll down to "Server IP Assignments" and find the "Usable Range". Use the first usable IP in the range to access your server.
All dedicated servers will be automatically suspended as soon as an invoice is overdue. Services interrupted for non-payment may be subject to a 10% late fee. Data stored on a client's services will not be available to the client until reconnection is established or alternative arrangements are made to the sole satisfaction of SUNPATH.
Clients deactivated for non-payment or charge-back are subject to their data being destroyed within 24 hours from suspension/charge-back date. SUNPATH is not responsible for data integrity, regardless of circumstance. SUNPATH strongly recommends keeping up to date and off network backups to protect against data loss.
Cancellations must be submitted at least 10 days prior to your next billing cycle or you may be charged for the next billing period. All account cancellation requests must be made through our billing portal. Click "Services" and select "My Services." Click the down arrow next to "View Details" and select "Request Cancellation." Provide a cancellation reason and select either an immediate or end-of-cycle cancellation. Immediate cancellation requests will be processed within 24 hours of the original request date and time.

Dedicated Servers (Continued)

Each dedicated server is delivered with 5 usable IPs with the first IP in the range being the dedicated server's main IP.
Additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for dedicated servers can be requested directly from within the dedicated panel. Scroll down to "server IP assignments" and click the "Request Additional IPs" link. Select the type of IP block (IPv4 or IPv6). IPv4 blocks will require an IP justification form to be filled out and must meet ARIN requirements for IP usage.
With proper justification, the IP block assigned to a dedicated server can be swapped for a completely different IP block. There is a one time $15 charge (per occurrence) for swapping the IP block. To swap an IP block: (1) Open a ticket with the Billing Department; (2) Provide​ the existing server IP and host name as well as the reason for the IP change. Please note that this will be manually reviewed and is not guaranteed to be approved.
Per ARIN regulations, all IP space that is a /29 or larger will be SWIPed with the customer information within 7 days of IP re-assignment. The information listed in the whois record reflects the provided billing data within the billing portal at Please note that IPs cannot be SWIPed manually, it is completed as part of our automated process.
Unfortunately we currently do not support rDNS for IPv6 allocations. We can however delegate the IP block to a nameserver of your choice for your convenience. If you have a nameserver you would prefer using, kindly submit a support ticket and provide us with that information.

Dedicated Servers - Technical Support

If you have forgotten the root password for your CentOS server it is possible to set a new one by interrupting the boot process at the GRUB stage and forcing the system into run level 1 (single user mode). (1) Launch the KVM interface for your server to access it from the console; (2) Interrupt GRUB by typing a character such as "space" (3) Append to the kernel line by typing "a", backspacing through "rhgb quiet" and appending "1" and pressing . (4) This will give you a root shell and not a login prompt. From there you can use the "passwd" command to set a new root password. (5) Restart the server and allow it to boot normally. Single user mode can be used to reset other user passwords as well as perform other administrative tasks.
Reverse DNS (rDNS) records can be managed directly from within the dedicated control panel. To modify rDNS records please follow these instructions: (1) Log In to the dedicated control panel at (2) Once logged in, go into the appropriate server details. (3) Within the "Server IP Assignments" section of the server details select the appropriate IP block from the drop down. (4) Click the "Manage Reverse DNS" link to view and modify existing rDNS records. Allow 24 hours for rDNS changes to fully propagate.
Our dedicated servers are self-managed and as such, we only provide support for hardware and network level issues. You can find answers to common issues in our knowledgebase and you are always welcome to open a support ticket. But if you are looking to add professional server management to your account, we offer this service for $59/mon. For more information, please review our server management page and contact our billing department to order.