What is the Vultr Dedicated Cloud (VDC)?

2 8192 MB 120 GB SSD 10.00 TB * $85.00 Deploy Now
4 16384 MB 2 X 120 GB SSD 20.00 TB * $145.00 Deploy Now
6 24576 MB 3 X 120 GB SSD 30.00 TB * $225.00 Deploy Now
8 32768 MB 4 X 120 GB SSD 40.00 TB * $265.00 Deploy Now

Vultr Dedicated Cloud (VDC) Overview

VDC offers dedicated resources with cloud flexibility. With our VDC product line, you'll never share resources with another customer.

Dedicated SSD's
Choose a plan with up to 4 x Enterprise SSD's. Your disks will never be shared by anyone else. Need RAID? Choose 2 or more disks and setup your own RAID configuration!

Dedicated vCPU's
Choose up to 8 dedicated vCPU's. Never share a CPU again.

Network Connectivity
Each instance has 1GbE uplink with up to 40,000GB of data transfer!

Deploy Fast
Deploy our blazing fast dedicated cloud resources in under a minute.

Free DDOS Protection
We know how important it is for your instances to stay online even when a malicious attack is aimed at your server. We now include 10Gbps protection from attacks on all VDC instances, free of charge. Our DDOS protection actively monitors incoming traffic for anomalies and automatically blocks a wide range of attacks so that you can continue business as usual. Protection from larger attacks (10Gbps+) will be available soon for a nominal hourly fee.

Click here to read more about DDOS Protection.


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