How to set 'Nomodeset' into the grub bootloader (Debian and Ubuntu) - Intel Core i5 3550

This guide is to set nomodeset parameter into the boot process which is very useful for the AMT servers and will allow the server to display the screen onto the VNC viewer plus correctly.
1. Install the O/S. In Debian choose the normal installer with out graphics. In Ubuntu just run through the installer like normal.
2. After completion reboot the server as normal but interrupt the default boot in GRUB by hitting the arrow keys.
3. Highlight the very first, top option and hit 'e'
4. Scroll down on the editor and look for the line that starts with 'linux'. Once found append to the end of the line with 'nomodeset'
5. Press 'F10' to boot. The server should boot and not disconnect if done correctly.
6. Login as 'customer' and switch to 'root' either by executing 'su' or 'sudo su' in Ubuntu
7. Execute 'nano /etc/default/grub'
8. Look for the line 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=""' and change it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="nomodeset"
9. Press ctrl-x to save and exit
10. Execute "update-grub" and wait for it to finish.
11. Reboot the server. If done correctly, the server should boot into the O/S and should not disconnect.
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